Black Friday Under Counter Freezer Deals & Coupons 2023

Under Counter Freezer Black Friday Deals

Sale (7% OFF)Deal No. 1
hOmelabs Upright Freezer - 3.0 Cubic Feet Compact Reversible Single Door Vertical Freezer with Adjustable Thermostat and Child Door Lock - Table Top Mini Freezing Machine for Office Dorm or Apartment
  • Space Saving Compact Upright Freezer: This freestanding small freezer with 20.2 x 21.4 x 31.0 inches measurement and 3.0 cubic feet capacity is perfectly sized...
Sale (10% OFF)Deal No. 2
SPT UF-304SS: 3.0 cu.ft. Upright Freezer in Stainless Steel - ENERGY STAR
  • 3.0 cu.ft. net capacity; UL approved; Energy Star
Sale (9% OFF)Deal No. 3
Brama Undercounter Drawer Refrigerator Freezer Built-In or Freestanding Indoor or Outdoor Use, Stainless Steel 4.9 Cu.Ft. Beverage Fridge, 24-Inch, Metallic
  • REFRIDGERATOR AND FREEZER: This 3.9 Cu.Ft. outdoor dual-drawer fridge can hold over 100 cans and includes ample storage space for fresh and frozen foods and...
Sale (19% OFF)Deal No. 4
SPT IM-150USA Stainless Steel Undercounter Ice Maker with Freezer, No Drain Required
  • Equipped with powerful freezer inside, keeping ice from melting
Sale (11% OFF)Deal No. 5
Summit SCFF532D Drawer Freezer, Stainless-Steel
  • True frost-free operation saves you maintenance by preventing icy buildup
Sale (26% OFF)Deal No. 6
Summit CT66BK2SS 24” Wide Under Counter Refrigerator-Freezer 4.9 cu.ft. Made in Europe with Automatic Defrost Operation, Reversible Stainless-Steel Door, Deluxe black interior (Right-Hand Door)
  • Made in Europe Refrigerator Freezer: Summit's 24" wide 4.9 cu. ft. interior and freezer with 0.6 cu.ft, the under-counter lineup of European-made...
Sale (35% OFF)Deal No. 7
Sunny Health & Fitness Squat Assist Row-N-Ride™ Trainer for Glutes Workout with Online Training Video
  • WHY SQUAT: Squats are not only effective for building an insanely strong lower body, but also because they deliver a number of ancillary physical benefits,...

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What is an Under-counter Freezer?

An under-counter freezer is a type of deep freezer that fits under a counter such as a counter table and kitchen top, etc. It can be also used as a stand-alone appliance in a room and you can use its top as a table or keep some decorative objects. It has everything which a bigger freezer has but as it is small, it has less space. However, it is equally efficient in keeping your foodstuff and other consumables frozen for a longer time.

As this appliance is kept under the counter it does not occupy extra space. It is a very handy appliance that might suit your business and household requirements.

What are the Best Undercounter Freezers That You Can Get on Black Friday?

Black Friday is the day when you can get great deals on all your favorite items. But what are the best undercounter freezers to buy this Black Friday?

The Arctic Air AUC48F is one of the best undercounter freezers that you can get on Black Friday. It has a capacity of 6.5 cubic feet and comes with an adjustable thermostat, removable shelves, and an automatic defrost cycle.

Kratos 69K-764 is another popular undercounter freezer that will be available on Black Friday. This freezer has a capacity of 11.1 cubic feet and features an automatic defrost cycle, removable shelves, and stainless steel construction.

Under Counter Freezer Black Friday Deals

What factors should you consider while buying an Under Counter Freezer?

You will have to consider a few factors before buying an under-counter freezer. These factors are described below:


The first and foremost consideration before buying a freezer is where you want to place it. It can be in your kitchen or even in your living room. In case you are running a bar or pub, you may prefer to keep it under the counter. Your decision should match your needs and it must be appropriate for your available space.

Size and Capacity of the Appliance

The size of the appliance is measured by length in inches or cm. and its capacity is measured by liters. Your decision must be based on the number of people in the household or the number of people it will serve in your commercial unit. Therefore, it can be a 200 liter or 300-400 liter appliance capacity to suit your needs. It can be a single-door unit with smaller space or a double-door unit offering more space. 

Configuration of the freezer

The freezer should have a few drawers or chambers to keep your vegetables, meat packs, fruit packs, jars, cans, and grocery items. These are like cabinet drawers used in your kitchen and can open or close easily by a pull or push. Buyers prefer drawer configuration in the countertop freezer as it is easier to keep meat packets, vegetables, fruits, and other items separately.

Quality of the under-counter freezer

Under-counter freezers are made of stainless steel and you will find steel interior as well as exterior in the appliance. In between the interior and exterior steel sheet, there will be an insulator inside. Therefore, you will need to check the thickness of the appliance as thickness enhances the freezing capacity. It also gives durability and as the top of the freezer is strong, it can be used as a tabletop. You can also put decorative objects on it if your freezer is kept in a room.

Running Cost of the appliance

You will have to check how much power the freezer will consume over one month. You must also consider what will be the running cost over one year. Running cost is calculated by the amount of electricity consumed measured in units of kilowatts. The energy efficiency of the freezer will be marked as A++, A, B, C, D or by five stars, four stars, three stars, etc. Higher marking means less electricity consumption, and hence, cost-effective.

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In the End

Besides considering all the important and necessary factors you will probably need to select a color that matches your taste and room decorum.

Usually, the countertop freezer will come with wheels for mobility. You will need to check whether the wheels can be locked so that the freezer does not slide or move around. You will need to check whether it is self-contained and self-defrosting.

If the appliance has these, you will be saved from plumbing for running it and it will keep it from building up ice and frost. This is a very useful appliance that will give value to your money and add convenience and comfort to your life. So, make sure you grab under counter freezer black friday deals to save money and get the best appliance.