Black Friday Kamado Grill Deals 2022

Grilled recipes anywhere in the world are incredible beyond debate. Grills and smokers irrespective of their types, shapes, and designs, cook the most delicious and flavorful dishes from crisped pizzas to steaks, desserts, smoked ribs, and many more mouth-watering meals. However, grilling is not a new thing, rather as old as the ancient civilizations on the planet. When it comes to kamado grills, they were popular in China 3000 years ago and are still popular across the world with numerous new designs, functions, and features. 

In fact, kamado grills in recent times are so popular that the contemporary market is flooded with so many brands boasting their product as the best. Eventually, it is often confusing to choose the right kamado grill that serves your purposes without any embarrassment. So, check out the kamado grill black friday deals to save up to 60%.


Kamado Grill Black Friday Deals

Kamado Joe BJ24RH Big Joe I 24-inch Charcoal GrillCheck Price
Kamado Joe KJ23NRHC Classic Joe II Charcoal GrillCheck Price
Kamado Joe KJ23RHC Classic Joe II 18-inch Charcoal GrillCheck Price
Kamado Joe KJ15040320 Kettle Joe 22 inch Charcoal GrillCheck Price
Kamado Joe KJ15040921 Classic Joe III Charcoal GrillCheck Price

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What is a Kamado Grill?

A kamado grill is an oval-shaped and circular cooking appliance commonly made of high-quality ceramic. The contemporary kamado grills come with advanced features with built-in thermometers, stands, dampers, etc., and provide varieties of cooking opportunities such as grilling, smoking, searing, baking, etc.

It was during WW-II, the American soldiers who had to use the local resources during the war brought these clay-made and charcoal used kamado grills to the US where Ed Fisher transformed them into modern-day kamado grills and started his brand as “Big Green Egg.

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What are the Factors to Consider Before Buying a Kamado Grill?

Though you need to determine the number of things while buying a kamado grill, there are a few primary components you essentially focus on. One of the most important considerations of buying a kamado grill is the thick ceramic insert that sits on the fire and absorbs heat plays a key role in grilling, baking, smoking, etc.

Similarly, other things like the type of the kamado grills, its making materials, construction quality, etc. are important components you must never ignore. Below are a few important factors for you to consider while buying a kamado grill.

Different Types of Kamado Grills

Kamado grills are determined or categorized by their making materials. You will find 2 broad types of kamado grills in the market namely ceramic-made kamado grills and steel-made kamado grills. The difference between these two types of kamado grills is not too many but primarily just three.

Kamado Grill Black Friday Deals
Credit: Sumo Kamado

Ceramic-made kamado grills are heavy and are great in retaining heat in comparison to steel-made kamado grills. Secondly, since ceramic grills retain heat effectively it consumes less charcoal which saves your money. But the third difference between the steel and ceramic kamado grill is the durability where steel made kamado grill is durable than the ceramic made kamado grill.

Cooking Varieties

Determine what you want to cook in your kamado grill or what is your favorite dish for which you wish to buy a kamado grill. This appliance, as the name says, can certainly grill you several delicious recipes but many brands can simultaneously grill, smoke, bake, sear, and do other types of cooking. 


Features in a kamado grill are important because they ensure ease of grilling and durability of the appliance. You can begin studying the features from what material is used to make it, its quality of construction, its sturdiness in terms of strength of the base, latches, hinges, quality of temperature gauges and thermometer, cooking space availability, etc.


Look for add-ons the brand provides for your kamado grill. More the accessories, the more versatility. For example, ensure pizza stones, skillets, rotisseries, carts, etc. in your kamado grill. You can also ask for a cover to safely store your kamado grill cum smoker so that you get the long-lasting functionality of your appliance.


Never forget or ignore the warranty of the appliance as many users get embarrassed when something goes wrong and if they do not have a warranty. 

Cost and Affordability

You will find varieties of kamado grills with different prices ranging from $300 to thousands. When you determine your budget for this appliance consider how often you probably need to use it and how long you may use it.

In the End

Kamado grills have been used for centuries in various ancient civilizations. Besides the Chinese people using clay kamado grills before 3000 years, Indians used them as “tandoor” and Japanese in the name of “mushikamado”. Nowadays, kamado grills are not only just a cooking appliance but a sign of luxury and status. So, make sure you grab the kamado grill black friday deals to save some money and still avail yourself of the luxury.