Black Friday Light Therapy Lamp Deals 2022

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Light Therapy Lamp Black Friday Deals 2022

You might feel hesitant to buy any of these light therapy lamps as it is a crucial product, but you don’t really have to as all of these lamps are of good quality and you can grab any of these therapy lamp deals without any issue. So, scroll up and grab the offers now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to use a light therapy lamp too much?

You can use the light therapy lamp too much but it might make you discomfort by making you feel weird like you feel when you intake caffeine too much.

How long can I use a light therapy lamp?

Normally, a light therapy session carries out for about 20 to 30 minutes daily using a 10000-lux lightbox. But if you are having a lower intensity lightbox of 2500 lux, you might need to take longer sessions. You should always follow your doctor’s instructions and manufacturer’s guidelines.

Can light therapy affect my eyes?

It is not good to look directly at the lightbox which will affect your eyes badly. Even though light therapy is safe, people with bipolar disorder might become manic after using too much light.

Can I wear glasses for the session of light therapy?

Yes, of course. You can wear your glasses during the session of light therapy. As long as they are not colored, you can prefer to wear them during light therapy as colored glasses do not allow your eyes to get more light. However, a therapy lamp will only work when your eyes get more light.

Best Light Therapy Lamp Black Friday Deals and Sales

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