Black Friday Smart Sprinkler Controller Deals 2022

The contemporary world is in the era of the internet and almost all homes and other devices are smart or internet-enabled. However, upgrading your essential devices to smart and automated functioning is a matter of your personal preference. Nevertheless, when it comes to watering your garden or lawn, you can never ignore upgrading or installing a smart sprinkler controller as it provides you with enormous advantages. 

But, watering with a smart sprinkler system requires a bit of homework. You need to adhere to your local irrigation or watering ordinances and ensure that you fulfill all the formalities required by the authorities. Besides this, you need to also collect the information required for the appropriate installation of a smart sprinkler system that adequately meets your watering requirements.

So, to buy a new smart sprinkler controller during the black friday 2022 sale, you must check out the smart sprinkler controller black friday deals.


Smart Sprinkler Controller Black Friday Deals

Rachio 3 3rd Generation Smart 8 Zone Sprinkler ControllerCheck Price
Orbit B-hyve 4-Zone Smart Indoor Sprinkler ControllerCheck Price
Wyze WSPRK1 Smart Sprinkler ControllerCheck Price
Orbit 57946 B-hyve Smart 6-Zone Sprinkler ControllerCheck Price
Netro Smart Sprinkler ControllerCheck Price
Inkbird Smart Sprinkler ControllerCheck Price

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What is a Smart Sprinkler Controller?

A smart sprinkler controller or often called a smart irrigation controller is a smart device that is used in drip irrigation systems to water lawn, garden, and other plantation activities. The smart sprinkler controller system is incorporated with built-in features for saving water and along with a sensor for the adjustment of maximum sprinkle run-time in accordance with the local weather.

If you are passionately nurturing a green lawn or garden and used to water the plants on a regular basis a smart sprinkle can fetch enormous advantages. You can not only perfectly nurture your plants and keep them green and healthy but also save your money, water, and energy.

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Smart Sprinkler Controller Black Friday Deals

What are the Factors to Consider Before Buying a Smart Sprinkler Controller?

As thermostats automatically heat or cool your home by adjusting the temperature a smart sprinkler controller adjusts and regulates the watering of the lawn depending on the weather conditions. A smart sprinkler controller is different from the programmable timer in your sprinkler system that functions by opening or shutting the water valves.

The smart sprinkler controller system is typically connected with the local weather report and has advanced mechanisms to function based on the accurate weather forecast. Therefore, you need to understand certain mechanisms and ensure several aspects before buying a smart sprinkler controller.

WaterSense Certification

As you ensure EnergyStar certification for energy efficiency for the home appliances you need to essentially ensure EPA’s WaterSense certification for your smart sprinkler controller for energy efficiency. Your smart sprinkler controller must incorporate landscape conditions and local weather information to get a WaterSense certification. As per the EPA, a smart sprinkler controller can save 7600 gallons of water annually which is a big plus for your wallet as well as for the environment. However, this outcome differs depending upon the device or brand and the model they use based on different weather conditions. The effectiveness of a smart sprinkler controller depends upon how accurately its watering model adjusts to the weather.

Watering Zones

Sprinkle systems usually have several zones of sprinkler heads and tubing. The sprinkling system does not send water to the entire zones and all the sprinklers at one time because your home may not have enough water for that. Therefore, sprinkle controllers are cold depending upon the number of zones they can operate. Controllers commonly can handle 7 to 8 zones but some controllers can handle more zones such as 16 zones.

Rewiring and Installation

Installation of a smart sprinkler controller requires rewiring but it is easy. It typically needs low-voltage wiring just like your doorbells and you just need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. The entire process of the wiring is exactly like your thermostat for controlling the HVAC system. However, you may need the assistance of a professional if you are not confident enough.

Controls and Features

Almost all models of smart sprinkle are operated by manual controls through apps in smartphones. Different models use different digital operations like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa or Google assistant. You need to determine which is the most convenient mode of operation for you and ask the retailer to provide the smart sprinkle you prefer.


Not all smart sprinkler controllers are weatherproof and you need to ensure weatherproof while purchasing one unless you have plans to install it indoors.

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In the End

You can ask for or ensure various features like a flow meter for leak alerts, advanced software, different levels of user-friendly operations for different controllers, etc. Above all, you must never forget to check with the warranty for future implications. So, if you are ready to buy a new sprinkler controller, then make sure you grab the sprinkler controller black friday deals to get a big discount.