Black Friday Pressure Washer Deals 2022

Pressure washers or popularly called power washers are excellent tools that can help you clean and take care of your property much better than doing things manually. If you are a time-conscious person and wish to complete your cleaning tasks quickly but perfectly then you must get a pressure washer.

A pressure washer cleans things efficiently and makes your tough cleaning tasks easier. You can almost clean your entire property including the garage floors, driveways, tile or concrete patios, walkways and stairs, wood decks, home exteriors, fencing, vehicles, boats, etc. using a pressure washer conveniently and effectively. So, check out the pressure washer black friday deals to get a discount of up to 60% during the black friday 2022 sale.


Pressure Washer Black Friday Deals

Westinghouse WPX3400 Gas Pressure WasherCheck Price
Sun Joe SPX2688-MAX 2050 Electric High Pressure WasherCheck Price
PowRyte Electric Pressure WasherCheck Price
SIMPSON Cleaning PS60843 PowerShot Gas Pressure WasherCheck Price
SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Gas Pressure WasherCheck Price
Greenworks PRO TruBrushless Electric Pressure WasherCheck Price
Champion Power Equipment 4200-PSI Gas Pressure WasherCheck Price

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What is a Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer or also called a power washer is a gas or electric-powered cleaning machine that produces high-pressure water spray to remove mold, dust, loose paint, mud, dirt, etc. from objects and surfaces like concrete surfaces, vehicles, fences, building exteriors, and interiors, etc. The pressure washer uses a pump to push the water through a tip and thus the water accelerates as it passes through a small hole. Eventually, the high-speed moving water cleans all the dirt and mud that come across the way.

There are two types of pressure washers namely electric pressure washers and gas pressure washers. The basic difference between the two is the energy that runs the machine. The electric pressure washer uses electric energy and requires an electric outlet to connect with. On the other hand, a gas pressure washer is run by gas energy and does not need any electric outlet. So, you can use a gas pressure washer wherever you wish. However, electric pressure washers are comparatively compact and lightweight than gas pressure washers but gas pressure washers are more powerful and can generate more pressure.

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Pressure Washer Black Friday Deals

What are the Factors to Consider While Buying a Pressure Washer?

An Electric or Gas Pressure Washer?

The first thing for you to determine is which one to choose? An electric or gas pressure washer. Most people choose a gas pressure washer because of its heavy power but they seldom utilize it during heavy-duty cleaning jobs. On the other hand, electric pressure washers are handy and can be used now and then for everyday cleaning tasks.

Power Ratings

Ask for the PSI or Pounds Per Square rating of the pressure washer you are choosing. The electric units usually have a 1300 to 1700 PSI range whereas gas units have more ranging from 2000 to 2800. The more the PSI the more powerful is the water pressure and effective is your cleaning. There are also other ratings to measure the water pressure such as GPM (Gallons Per Minute), CPU (Cleaning Power Unit, and HP (Horse Power).

Cold Water and Hot Water

You can choose the hot water pressure washer as it cleans more effectively. Hot water pressure washers also require less detergent in comparison to cold water pressure washers. However, most people opt for cold water pressure washers because they are easier and portable.

Nozzles and Accessories

Your pressure washer may have a variable spray wand or nozzles. The variable spray wand can twist and adjust the pressure of water whereas there are different nozzles such as red nozzles, green nozzles, yellow nozzles, white nozzles, and black nozzles, each with different degrees. Besides this, you can also look for various accessories while buying a pressure washer.

For example, a pressure washer with a patio cleaner would be more appropriate if you frequently clean your patio. There are several useful accessories like extension spray wands and tips, scrubbing power brushes, gutter washing angled wands, surface cleaner with spinning jets for driveways and footpaths cleaning, etc.

Pistons and Valves in the Pump

There are two types of pumps as far as valves and pistons are concerned. In some pumps, the pistons are driven by the crankshaft and some pumps come with a plate by which the pistons are driven. The pistons driven by the crankshaft are considered better than the plate-driven pistons.


You can find cheaper versions with lower durability like 60 to 100 hours and often the manufacturer may not disclose its life expectancy. You need to be very specific about its life expectancy and must reject the ones that do not provide clear information.

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In the End

Affordability and warranty are the two most important aspects of purchasing anything. It would be good if you are getting a pressure washer for a cheaper price. But if the price is less than $200 then be sure that this may be a disposable machine and may last hardly for one season. So make sure you buy a good one, although you can save some money while doing so by grabbing the pressure washer black friday deals.