Black Friday Pickleball Paddles Deals 2022

Looking for Pickleball paddles black friday deals? Get amazing offers here to save some money while buying the best paddles for Pickleball.


Pickleball Paddles Black Friday Deals 2022

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VUFOXT Pickleball PaddleCheck Price
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SLK Atlas Pickleball PaddleCheck Price
ONIX Graphite Z5 Graphite Carbon Fiber Pickleball PaddleCheck Price
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JOOLA Ben Johns Hyperion Pickleball PaddleCheck Price

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Pickleball Paddle

Most people today are attracted to playing pickleball, as it is one of the easiest sports to grasp in a short time. So, while going out to purchase a pickleball paddle, there are a few things you have to keep in mind before buying one for your usage. There are a few important notions that must be given the first preference when it comes to choosing your pickleball paddle. 

  1. The material of the paddle

Most of the pickleball paddles come with a hard material supporting the entire paddle. This hard material is mostly Nomex, which is a sturdy material that will aid in excellent control while playing the game. Other materials in which the pickleball paddles are made up are polymer, suitable for players expecting powerful shots, and Aluminum, which also gives good control after Nomex material.

  1. Weight

Most of the bats, racquets, or paddles must have the perfect weight in order for the players to attain the best comfort. This is the same case for pickleball paddles too. You can find light weighed paddles, intermediate or middle weighed paddles, and finally the heavily weighed paddles. Heavy paddles will support your game with some extra power while delivering a ball to your opponent. On the other hand, light weighed paddles give a more controlled, easy to swing, and good flexible hand motion. But as a beginner, it is good to go with lighter weighted ones. 

  1. The shape of the pickleball paddle

Many different shapes are available when it comes to choosing your ideal pickleball paddle. There are elongated paddles, over-sized paddles, wider bodied paddles, and even some other shapes. But these are some of the commonly found shapes anywhere. However, the sizes (length and breadth) must not exceed some of the standard measurements already predefined in any of the shapes.

Pickleball Paddles Black Friday

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Pickleball Paddle & Their Answers

How to find the pickleball paddle that will perfectly suit your grip?

The pickleball paddles available in the stores can be checked for their weight and dimensions by holding them. You can just hold them in a normal way in your hand and find your perfect grip. It is always a good idea to directly go to a store and purchase at least your first paddle instead of online shopping.

What is the durability of a pickleball paddle?

This completely depends on the way you use it and the quality of the pickleball paddle. There are many different brands, models, price ranges, and quality at which a pickleball paddle is available. All of these factors combined, contribute towards how long a pickleball bat would last for you.

Will expensive pickleball paddles give more power and control in a game?

This is not necessarily the case. A pickleball paddle that has a good amount of specifications like good handle length, good material, and a decent quality core can always serve you the same as an expensive paddle. Starting at a price range, as cheap as $25, you can get your hands on some of the best paddles if you analyze them properly before the purchase.

We hope these Pickleball paddles black friday deals & a brief buying guide will help you save money while getting your desired paddle. In case you need any help, contact us without any hesitation.