Black Friday Norton Deals 2022

To buy the Norton 360 Antivirus during the black friday 2022 sale, check out the best Norton black friday deals to get a discount of up to 60%.

Norton Black Friday Deals 2022

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About Norton

NortonLifeLock Inc. was established by Gary Hendrix in 1982 with Symantec, which is a National Science Foundation grant. Initially, they were focusing on artificial-intelligence-associated projects like database programs. Various natural language processing researchers from Stanford University have been appointed as the first employees of the company. In 1984, Symantec was obtained by another company, namely C&E Software.

This small C&E Software company formed a combined word processing and file management program, namely Q&A Barry Greenstein. Norton is an American-based software company located in Tempe, Arizona, in the US. This company manufactures software and services that offer cybersecurity. In addition, it has development hubs in Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune. Symantec claimed on October 9, 2014, that this company would be divided into two separate independent publicly traded corporations by the end of 2015. It has been decided that one company would specialize in security systems and another one on information management.

Now, if you want to look at the products of Norton, then scroll down to check the list.

List of Products Offered by Norton

  • Norton Security Premium
  • Security Standard by Norton
  • Norton Security Deluxe
  • Online Backup
  • Norton Family Premier
  • Mobile Security
  • Norton Utilities

Now, it’s time for you to grab the Norton black Friday sale opportunity, because you might regret it if you miss out on this big chance, which you don’t want. So, hurry up as getting premium security is not your dream anymore, you can keep all those malware & virus away from your system by going premium with Norton.

Additionally, Norton Backup is a great option to choose, as you can backup all important files on their server and can relax because, in case of any issue with your hard drive, you have all the important files safe on Norton servers.

Norton also takes care of mobile security, as they are really the best in their business, they want to keep your mobile data safe & secure and they provide Norton Mobile security, which you can get at a very reasonable price during Black Friday sale.

And if you want your whole family’s data secured, then they have family plans available too, which you can buy to save big, as family premier plan security software to multiple devices.

Norton Black Friday Deals, Sales and Ads
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