Black Friday Netflix Deals 2022

Netflix is arguably the best online streaming service in the world today, and it is subscription-based. It is available in 190 countries and has contents in 16 languages. Netflix has 209 million subscribers as of July 2021. It is a top-of-the-line content platform and produces as well as distributes films and television series of high quality. It offers a variety of “original Netflix content” to customers through its online library and has a huge collection of online content from other producers and distributors. So, check out the best Netflix black friday deals.


Netflix Black Friday Deals

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Why is Netflix Special?

  • Netflix has got a huge collection of in-house production and its online series are of top quality and popular globally.
  • Netflix regularly provided top-class movies from some of the prominent producers and consumers are mighty pleased to get its uninterrupted direct-to-home service.
  • Netflix shows do not bore you with frequent breaks as they come without any advertisement, unlike other television shows.
  • Netflix has become the one-stop shop for varieties of content from all over the place and feeding to the tastes of all types of viewers. 
  • Netflix supports users’ interface in 30 languages and its software allows viewers to watch their favourite shows through various platforms like smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital media players, video games consoles, and smart televisions.
Netflix Black Friday Deals

The History behind Netflix Origin and Growth

The founders of Netflix, Marc Randolph, and Reed Hastings are well-known figures in the online entertainment world. They founded Netflix on August 29, 1997, in Scotts Valley, California. In the initial years, they started their venture as DVD sales and rental services. However, in the fast-changing and challenging media and entertainment market, they often faced numerous obstacles.

Netflix founders decided to change course and came up with an innovative approach with the launch of their “first-of-its-kind” online DVD rental store, and it became instantly popular. The monthly subscription concept was introduced in September 1999. By 2002, Netflix grew in subscriber base and business volume. In 2007, moving away from online DVD distribution it introduced ‘video on demand’ through the internet.

The same year, following the footsteps of YouTube, the Netflix services entered into the online streaming business. The partnership with Starz brought 2500 plus films to its kitty. Every subsequent year has been eventful and enriched the history of the growth of Netflix in the International arena of entertainment.

Why is it worth subscribing to Netflix?

Netflix as a service provider is unmatched at this point in the world. Every country except China, and a few other countries have received the Netflix services with open arms. With Netflix, now you have unhindered access to thousands of video content of your choice with a click of a button.

Gone are the days, when people were lining up in front of video stores to get a copy of their choicest film. Above all, with a Netflix connection, you feel the world of cinema and information has come into your living room. So, do not miss out on the Netflix black friday sale.