Black Friday McDonald’s Deals 2022

‘Delicious Deals for Delicious Meals’ is a catchy and popular tagline of McDonald’s, which is the largest restaurant chain in the world today. It is present in hundred-plus countries with more than forty-nine thousand outlets and serving more than 69 million customers daily (2018 data). When you wish to eat a hamburger, you prefer to get it from the McDonald’s near you, or even order it online. The American fast-food chain is internationally known for its hamburgers. So, check out the McDonald’s Black Friday Deals.


McDonald’s Black Friday Deals

McDonald’s BeveragesOrder Now (Offer Applied)
McDonald’s BreakfastOrder Now (Offer Applied)
McDonald’s BurgersOrder Now (Offer Applied)
McDonald’s Happy MealOrder Now (Offer Applied)
McDonald’s Desserts & ShakesOrder Now (Offer Applied)
McDonald’s Chicken & SandwichesOrder Now (Offer Applied)
McDonald’s Combo MealOrder Now (Offer Applied)
McCafé® DrinksOrder Now (Offer Applied)
McCafé® BakeryOrder Now (Offer Applied)

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Why is McDonald’s Special?

  • McDonald’s specialty is its hamburger and it is one of the favourite dishes of the customers across ages.
  • Chicken items like chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and fillets, breakfast items, desserts, soft drinks, and salads are highly popular among restaurant-goers.
  • McDonald’s offers its foods as ‘dine-in ‘ (meaning eating in the restaurant) and ‘take-out ‘ (packing the food in a quality wrapper for parcel/take home). In both cases, food is presented to the customers on clean and attractive mediums.
  • McDonald’s menu offers 200 food items to its customers in the United States and adds popular country-specific food items of the host countries.
  • McDonald’s has introduced healthier options and alternatives like removing artificial preservatives from its chicken nuggets, and other food items, and high-fructose corn syrup from hamburger buns.
  • McDonald’s has introduced plant-based burgers and meat substitutes in their restaurants.
McDonald’s Black Friday Deals

The History behind McDonald’s origin and Growth

The McDonald brothers Richard and Maurice started their restaurant business with the opening of the first McDonald’s on May 15, 1940, in San Bernardino, California. In 1948, the brothers adopted the fast-food restaurant model and introduced the ‘Speedy service system’ in their restaurant.

McDonald’s obtained its first trademark in 1961 with the same name and a logo. However, in between, they had a few changes in the logo until the present logo which they got in 1968. At present Roy Kroc owns the corporation. He was a franchisee partner of McDonald’s since 1955 and purchased equity in the company in 1961. He became the driver behind the worldwide expansion of the restaurant chain.

Roy Kroc was a very aggressive business partner and eventually through a legal battle got the ownership of the company. McDonald’s became an international brand and a torchbearer of American foods, lifestyle, and globalization. It has an impressive presence in the restaurant business globally.

Why are McDonald’s food items Worth Eating/Ordering? 

McDonald’s restaurants have a special brand image due to their high-quality control and customer-friendly services worldwide. You get counter services, drive-in services, outdoor and indoor sitting in a pleasant environment.

The hamburgers, chicken burgers, and other food items are made out of good quality meat and other ingredients without artificial preservatives. They are tested and considered delicious and healthy.

McDonald’s has introduced many innovations in its presentation like ‘happy meals’ and more. Rates are affordable, service is fast and good. McDonald’s restaurants are popular destinations for families. So, do not miss out on the McDonald’s Black Friday Sale.