Black Friday Massage Gun Deals 2022

Body strain and muscle pain is a daunting experience almost for everyone often or once a while and especially in ailments. Muscle stiffness and pain become intensive if you are an athlete or working on your fitness goal. There are numerous remedies to reduce muscle stiffness and pain backed by both traditional methods and advanced medical therapies. 

However, emerging massage therapy and using various massaging equipment to instantly reduce muscle stiffness and pain are remarkably getting popular across the world. One such very popular massage equipment is a massage gun that amazingly serves the purpose of athletes and people who look for shaping their bodies. So, check out the massage gun black friday deals to save up to 60%.


Massage Gun Black Friday Deals

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What is a Massage Gun?

A massage gun or popularly known as a percussion gun is handheld massaging equipment that is used for reducing muscle and healing muscle stiffness and pain. The machine is designed to rapidly hit the muscle fibers generating gentle waves leading to loosening of the tight knots in the target area.

Eventually, the process reduces the soreness of the muscle and increases smooth flows in the affected area, and heals the pain and stiffness. Usually, massage guns are portable and lightweight equipment both for men and women and are handy for everyday workouts.

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Factors to Consider While Buying a Massage Gun

As massage guns are getting remarkable popularity worldwide, a lot of brands are competing in the market claiming and boasting of the best designs with numerous advantages. It is often confusing when you directly start searching for an appropriate device that suits your requirement. Below are a few essential factors to consider while buying a massage gun.

Massage Gun Power in terms of Techniques

There are two broad types of massage guns based on the techniques used in the equipment. They are “percussion” and “vibration”. The difference between these two techniques is called “amplitude”. The amplitude can be defined as the optimum extending of oscillation or vibration from the equilibrium. The head of the gun travels deeper and further in higher amplitude and feels stronger and intense. Percussion devices have higher amplitude and suit athletes because they have adequate tolerance and need intense stimulation. People who feel the percussion stimulation is too intense go for vibration that generates milder force and gentle stimulation.


Almost all massage guns are cordless and most brands incorporate ion batteries in their devices. The average battery life is about 2 to 3 hours per charge when you use the device at full speed. However, some brands have only sixty minutes of battery life but some of them provide an additional battery. In this case, you are expected to charge the additional battery while one battery is at work and after sixty minutes you change the exhausted battery, replace the fully charged additional battery in the device and charge the exhausted battery. You can also find brands that ensure 4 hours battery life in high-speed use and 8 hours battery life in low-speed use.

Massage Gun Black Friday Deals


You can find numerous designs of massage guns in the market some with handles, some are sleek with modern touch, etc. Eventually, a sophisticated design with a sleek look of your massage gun is certainly desirable as long as it meets your requirements.

Nevertheless, you can still ensure a few things on the design such as power button, handle placement, etc. as they not only enhance the beauty of the machine but have advantages. For example, an extra-long handle can add to the beauty as well as can get hard-to-reach areas of your body.


Massage guns usually make a lot of noise. So, check for the decibel levels of the machine and ensure it remains between 30 to 40 decibels. However, if you prefer the percussion guns then you need to compromise with the noise as this might create noise at 50 to 68 decibels.

Cost and Affordability

There are a variety of brands with wide ranges of prices for massage guns. You can get models just at $50 whereas brands from reputed brands with the latest designs can go up to $5000.

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In the End

Massage guns are good and they effectively reduce your pain and muscle stiffness. But getting them online is often risky because of three reasons i.e., they may arrive but in damaged condition, secondly, they may not arrive at all, and thirdly, even if they arrive and you use them but only for a very short period. Therefore, you must ensure a warranty whether you buy online or over the counter. And also make sure you grab the massage gun black friday deals to get a big discount during the purchase.