Black Friday Lulu Guinness Deals 2022

Lulu Guinness is an iconic handbag brand and this brand has a legacy-making heritage in making high-quality witty and playful bags. The brand is known for its glossy lip-shaped clutch and vintage-infused handbags. All of its bags are made by hand and is been designed to impress the soul.

Lulu Guinness was launched as a handbag and accessories retailer and now operates multi-nationally. Her important collectibles range, ‘The Florist Basket’ became a permanent part of the Victoria and Albert Museum. And its ‘The Cutting Edge’ exhibition in London. So, check out the Lulu Guinness black friday deals.


Lulu Guinness Black Friday Deals

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Why are the bags from the Lulu Guinness so special?

Since the conception of the brand, its ultimate intention was to create bags with playful and striking designs that empower women to wear them. Some of the iconic trailblazing women such as Emma Watson, Adwoa Aboah, and Kate Moss have used the bags from Lulu Guinness. 

The iconic lips clutch remains the most celebrated accessory of Lulu Guinness. It has also released many sophisticated silhouettes and embellishments that have become cult favorites from around the globe. The florist basket from Lulu is one of the permanent fashion collections at the museums in London and New York. 

Lulu Guinness Black Friday Deals
Image Courtesy of Lulu Guinness

The History and the Growth of the Lulu Guinness brand

The history of the Lulu Guinness brand started in the year 1989 when its 29-year-old founder and creative director designed an attaché case for ladies, comprising convenient pockets to store almost everything. The bag is driven by its style and it is inspired by its vintage fashion and ladylike style. Lulu first started designing the florist basket back in the year 1993.

She designed a black and a satin handbag that is shaped like a vase with red velvet roses on its top. This handbag caught everyone’s imagination and the success of the bag made her think differently. The bags from Lulu Guinness became a piece of the conversation and is been used by celebrities from all over the world.  

Why should you buy handbags from Lulu Guinness?

The handbags from Lulu Guinness are iconic and are more of a collectible piece of art than a mere fashion statement. The handbags stay true to the motto, ‘Dare to be Different. Its iconic bag collection brags on an eye-catching pattern, signature color, and other minute and relevant details. The handbooks offer the best signature look in all its totes, clutches, backpacks, and shoulder bags with an iconic touch from Lulu Guinness. So, do not miss out on the Lulu Guinness black friday 2022 sale.

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