Black Friday Lacrosse Stick Deals & Coupons 2023

Lacrosse Stick Black Friday 2023 Deals

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CHAMPRO Youth Lacrosse Stick, White
  • BEGINNER STICK: Beginner’s stick made to help youth players develop into elite athletes.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Lacrosse Stick 

The two main ingredients that make up a good Lacrosse stick are the perfect head and shaft. These two factors must be chosen according to every individual’s preference and comfort. Lots of sizes and variations in the head and shaft of a lacrosse stick can be quite confusing to get a hold of for both beginners and expert players. The below points might give you some clarity in choosing the right Lacrosse stick for you.

  1. Stick length

The stick length of a Lacrosse stick is one of the most influential nations in deciding the type of gameplay. If you are sided towards the attacking play, then the length must be around 40-42 inches whereas, the defensive players must choose a Lacrosse stick with a length between 52-72 inches.

There are two other categories of players in a Lacrosse team; Middies and Long Stick Middies (LSMs), who should consider a Lacrosse stick from length between 40-42 inches and 52-72 inches respectively. Note that a stick length means it is the length of both shafts and head combined together. 

  1. Head Dimensions

NFHS and NCAA are the two governing bodies that have set up some specified rules regarding the permitted size and dimensions of a Lacrosse’s head. The below details might give some clarity about these rules.

  • For NFHS permitted games, the scoop area must be 6.5 inches wide and the throat must be 2.5 inches wide.
  • For NCAA permitted games, the scoop area must be 6.0 inches wide and the throat must be 3.0 inches wide.
  • The dimensions that are accepted and allowed in any game level must have the scoop area must be 6.5 inches wide and the throat must be 3.0 inches wide.
  1. Type of the Head

The head of a Lacrosse stick might either be stiff or flexible. If you play defense, then choose a flexible head and if you are an attacking style player, then opt for a flexible head.

Lacrosse Stick Black Friday

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Lacrosse Stick & Their Answers

Are there Lacrosse sticks available specifically for beginners?

Yes. Like in many other sports, you have Lacrosse sticks designed for beginners. Lacrosse sticks with a wide scoop area and short in length are the two simple notions to look out for.

What are the different types of Lacrosse sticks available in the market?

Usually, Lacrosse sticks are available readymade and attachable. The readymade sticks are suitable for players who are just starting out to play Lacrosse. However, professional players tend to purchase the shafts and heads separately and then attach them together to find more grip and comfort.

What are the different types of materials the Lacrosse sticks are available in?

You can find two types of materials in which Lacrosse sticks are available, namely: Metal alloy and Carbon fiber. Carbon fiber Lacrosse sticks are usually light in weight and will give you more flexible movement than Metal alloy sticks.

Must the goalie’s Lacrosse stick have any specific length like other players?

Usually, a goalie must have a length that is in between an attacking player and a defensive player. But that totally depends on the goalie’s preference and the personal style in which a goalie plays.

We have shared a buying guide to help you choose the right lacrosse stick & some great back friday deals to help you save money.