Black Friday Garage Door Opener Controller Deals 2022

You know how important your garage is for you which is why you keep your garage always fit and up to date. It is said that a garage increases the value of both residential and commercial properties by around 4%. However, your garage may not be a pleasant and safe place for you and especially for your children if you have not paid extra attention and care to the garage door opener controller. 

As per an authentic source, around 20000 to 30000 people get seriously injured every year due to garage door problems, and around 2000 people on average get crushed by garage doors. The maximum of these victims are children and most of the surviving children become handicapped because of injuries. Therefore, it is always prudent to keep a close watch on your garage especially the garage door opener, and replace it even at the slightest irregularity. So, check out the garage door opener controller black friday deals to save up to 60%.


Garage Door Opener Controller Black Friday Deals

CreaCity Garage Door Opener Remote UniversalCheck Price
eKyro Smart Garage Door OpenerCheck Price
Solidremote 371LM 373LM 971LM 973LM, for Chamberlain, LiftMaster Garage Door Opener RemoteCheck Price
GENIE G3T-R 3-Button Remote with Intellicode Security Technology Controls Up To 3 Garage Door OpenersCheck Price
Chamberlain KLIK5U-BK2 Clicker 2-Button Garage Door OpenerCheck Price
Liftmaster MyQ Garage Universal Smartphone Garage Door ControllerCheck Price
Garage Door Remote for Linear Multi-CodeCheck Price

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Garage Door Opener Controller Black Friday Deals

What is a Garage Door Opener Controller?

A garage door opener controller is a motorized device that controls or operates the opening and closing functionalities of your garage door. You can find some type of garage door opener controller mounted on the wall. The contemporary garage door opener controllers are highly technological and can be carried by the owners and operated from a distance from the garage.

You can also opt for a smart garage door opener controller to avoid the embarrassments of various garage door issues like frequently forgetting to close the garage door etc. This compact device connects itself with your garage door and can open or close from anywhere or can provide you with information on the status of your garage door. You can operate the device through an app or you can even use a voice assistant such as Amazon Alexa.

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What Should You Consider While Shopping for a Garage Door Opener Controller?

Weight Capacity

Determine the weight capacity you require by assessing the size of your garage door and the frequency of its opening and closing. If you have a single wide garage door made of aluminum then a ½ horsepower capacity is enough. On the other hand, you may need a ¾ horsepower weight capacity if you have a heavier and oversized garage door.

Garage Door Opener Drive Style

There are usually three types of garage door opener drive styles (1) chain drive, (2) belt drive, and (3) screw drive. The chain drive is the most common opener drive style in the market as this is durable, cost-effective, and cheaper in terms of installation. But chain drive is noisy and requires frequent maintenance. Belt drives are noiseless in comparison to chain drives but they are expensive and need regular maintenance. Screw drives are reliable, fast, durable, and powerful, and good for heavier and wider garage doors. The screw drive style requires periodical lubrication and regular maintenance.


The safety of your garage door opener is the most important aspect which you should never ignore. Old garage doors that open manually or remote control are both risky and troublesome, especially at night. Wireless smart-home features or home-link connectivity are good options that can ensure the safety of your garage door and its smooth functionality. 

Security Light

One of the most useful features of the garage door opener is the security light which usually comes with all modern garage door opener controllers. This feature automatically turns on the light when your garage door opener is activated and saves you from various hazardous injuries. Security lights also protect your garage from intruders. Modern security lights are connected to motion detectors and get activated automatically when you enter the garage from the interior.


Noise is something that can not only embarrass you but your neighbors will also get very much annoyed and thank you if your garage door functions silently. Choose the appropriate drive style, especially the screwdriver or at least the belt drive that operates without noise.

Backup Battery

Imagine, you are in a hurry for an emergency and your car is stuck in the garage because of no electricity. However, most garage doors get disconnected from the opener when there is no power but all garage doors do not have this feature. The modern and advanced garage doors come with backup batteries or you can look for this feature that gets activated when there is no electricity.

You may have several unique features and advanced components in your garage door opener controller but the key is regular and appropriate maintenance. However, there are reputed and reliable brands (and appropriate drive styles) that offer lower maintenance. Nevertheless, by lubricating the moving parts once in a while you can make the garage door last at least 15 to 20 years hassle-free.

So, make sure you grab the Garage Door Opener Controller Black Friday Deals to get a discount of up to 60%.