Black Friday Food Processor Deals 2022

There was a time when the entire food processing was done by moms or anyone else in the kitchen. People had a lot of time to spend on food preparation. But the time has changed and the contemporary busy lifestyles do not give the opportunity and luxury of spending time for food processing anymore. 

Eventually, technology has developed and food processors have taken over the responsibilities of food preparations in the kitchen. However, food processors may not be solely responsible for the food preparations but at least for the labor-intensive parts. Above all, food processors have made food preparation easier and faster, and people have a lot of time to spend on other productive engagements than spend on food preparations. So, check out the food processor black friday deals to get a discount of up to 60%.


Food Processor Black Friday Deals

Ninja BN601 Professional Plus Food ProcessorCheck Price
Cuisinart FP-8SV Elemental 8-Cup Food ProcessorCheck Price
Hamilton Beach Food ProcessorCheck Price
Cuisinart DLC-10SYP1 Pro Classic 7-Cup Food ProcessorCheck Price
Braun FP3020 12 Cup Food ProcessorCheck Price
Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food-ProcessorCheck Price
KitchenAid 13-Cup Food ProcessorCheck Price

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What is a Food Processor?

A food processor is a food processing unit or in the contemporary period an electric-motor-driven kitchen appliance that can chop, blend, slice, dice, and helps to prepare food faster. Food processors are somewhat similar to blenders and there are many other manual devices that are called food processors. 

However, a typical food processor usually consists of a motor at the base and turns a shaft that is attached to sharp cutting blades. A transparent bowl is placed around the shaft with a feed tube at the top of the bowl.

Ingredients are put into the bowl through the feed tube and then the motor is turned on for chopping or slicing or blending etc. Modern food processors have adequate safety measures so that the person who is operating the food processor does not get injured.

Food processors emerged during the 1940s and the first electric food processor named Starmix was introduced by Electrostar a German company in 1946. The contemporary food processors are far more advanced than the Startmix which was a simple blender with several accessories for various other activities.

What are the Best Food Processors That You Can Get on Black Friday?

Black Friday is the best time to get amazing deals on food processors. With so many discounts, you can find the one that suits your needs and budget.

Best Food Processors:

  • Ninja BN601 – A great food processor for those looking for a powerful machine that does not cost too much.
  • Cuisinart DFP-14BCNY – This is a great blender for those who want to make smoothies, milkshakes, and more with ease.
Food Processor Black Friday Deals

What to Consider While Buying a Food Processor?


The size or usually referred to as the capacity of the bowl depends upon how much food to process or what is the size of your family. For example, you may need a bowl that has a size of 10 cups to meet the needs of four members. You may go for a 14-cup food processor if your needs are bigger meals or usually have frequent guests. However, larger food processors are inevitable for commercial purposes.


Food processors come with several types of blades for different purposes such as grinding, chopping, pureeing, etc. You need to ensure good quality blades specially made of stainless steel. The blades in a food processor play a key role and you may face a lot of inconveniences and troubles if your blades are low quality and not durable.


Power or wattage may not be so important if your intention is just for chopping or cutting in the food processor. But if you go for other functions like dough mixing etc. you may need more power. In this context, choosing a motor of more than 700 watts for your food processor would be ideal to accomplish the standard functions for your different purposes. A food processor with more than 700 watts can function for almost all tougher activities.

Multiple Functions

A food processor can provide you the opportunities of doing different things by adding different accessories and disks. You can chop onions and other vegetables, cut French fries, grate coconuts and cheese, and grind several items like dried fruits, meats, nuts, flour, etc.

Besides this, you can also make baby foods, bread/cookie crumbs, curry sauce, nut butter, pasta/pizza dough, pickles, whipped cream cheese, and many more things. However, you may have to ask for various types of blades along with accessories and discs to use your food processor more creatively.


Food processors usually do dry things and blenders mix liquids. However, you can also do juicing in your food processor and for this, you need separate capabilities. Ask your retailer and you will get a separate accessory for the same.

Dishwasher-safe parts

The contemporary food processors come with dishwasher-safe parts and you need to ensure they come with the same.

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In the End

There are other advanced and technical aspects like stability, controls, lid, feeding tube, etc. to examine carefully while buying a food processor. You can ensure stability by choosing a strong-built body with a wider base to prevent vibration even in heavy loads. Similarly, various levels of controls can help you efficiently perform different functions other than just off, on, and pulse.

Remember, besides all the above you should never forget or ignore the warranty of your food processor. So, now you are aware of all the factors to consider, don’t forget to grab the best food processor black friday deals to get a decent discount.