Black Friday Electric Golf Trolley Deals 2022

You can never say that you still carry your clubs or that somebody else carrying the bags for you in the contemporary golf course. Gone are the days almost four decades ago when golfers used to carry the clubs in the fairway around the holes.

It was J. K. Wadley, who was inspired by a motorized shopping trolley, thought of trolleys in golf courses, and then Joe Catford through Powakaddy introduced the brand in the 1980s. If you are a passionate golfer, you must be aware of the Powakaddy brand which is still the market leader in the world of golf including the electric golf trolleys market. So, to save up to 60% on top-notch electric golf trolleys, you should go through the electric golf trolley black friday deals and sale offers.


Electric Golf Trolley Black Friday Deals

NovaCaddy Remote Control Electric Golf TrolleyCheck Price
Cart-Tek Electric GRi-1500Li Golf CaddyCheck Price
Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart ProCheck Price
MGI Zip X1 Electric Golf CaddieCheck Price
MGI Zip X3 Electric Golf CaddyCheck Price
CaddyTrek R2 Smart Robotic Electric Golf CartCheck Price
Tangkula Golf Push Pull CartCheck Price

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What is an Electric Golf Trolley?

A golf trolly or an electric golf trolley or also known as the golf push cart (when without electric energy) is a trolly or a cart that is specially designed to transport golf bags or the complete clubs along with other golf equipment on the golf course. Earlier, manual golf carts replaced carrying the bags by the golfers or somebody else carrying the entire clubs for the golfers which ultimately eased the process of transportation. 

As the golf trolleys were incorporated with electric energy the process of moving in and around the fairways became easier and fairly comfortable. Eventually, electric golf trolleys not only reduced the troubles of moving the clubs and other equipment for distances on the golf courses but ensured enormous advantages. However, it is often tricky to choose the right electric golf trolley when you intend to buy one. Below are the factors to consider while buying an electric golf trolley.

What are the Best Electric Golf Trolleys That You Can Get on Black Friday?

There are a lot of electric golf trolleys on the market, but not all of them are worth your money. It is important to know what you need from a trolley before making a purchase.

We have done research on the best electric golf trolleys that you can get on Black Friday. Here is what we found out:

Electric Golf Trolley Black Friday Deals

Factors to Determine While Buying an Electric Golf Trolley

It is the battery and the motor that play the key role in an electric golf trolley. However, you need to choose the right cart for you based on your preference of 9 holes or 18 holes or more. Below are a few important factors to determine the right electric golf trolley for you.

Size and Weight of the Trolley

The size or weight of a golf trolley does not matter because everything in an electric golf cart is usually programmed to perfectly do its job on the golf course. Nevertheless, the size of the cart is important because you have to carry the trolley in your vehicle to the golf course. Therefore, you must have enough space in your vehicle to accommodate the trolley in your car.

However, It should not be a problem to find a suitable size of electric golf trolley that perfectly suits the available space in your car as there are numerous models with various sizes of carts available in the market. Similarly, you can also look for a collapsible and foldable model that can easily accommodate itself in the car.


This is the most important component to consider while buying an electric golf trolley because the distance your trolley will cover depends upon the battery life and its strength. So, you need to essentially determine how long the battery lasts. Ideally, the battery should at least last up to six rounds in your favorite holes. The second consideration while ensuring the battery is how long it takes to charge. It should take around 8 to 12 hours to get fully charged. You can also ask for the life span of the battery.


Electric golf trolley usually comes in three types of materials namely, steel, aluminum, and titanium. All the materials are good but they have their disadvantages too. 


You can find several types of control systems in an electric golf trolley. You can either choose the lowest model with just an on and off pre-set button or the mid-level speed dial control model or the top-level latest and most sophisticated high-tech models.

Features and Accessories

Accessories are important for adding convenience and comfort. Therefore, ensure the latest accessories like on-screen GPS, remote control system, USB ports, umbrellas, pedometers, phone-holders, etc. 


If you are acquainted with an 18- or 36-holes golf course you must agree how difficult and troublesome it is to carry the entire clubs and other equipment. Similarly, manually pushing the cart from one end to the other around the holes in the fairway is also a difficult task. Therefore, getting an electric golf trolley is considered inevitable by golfers for many reasons. So get a quality trolley at up to 60% discount via electric golf trolley black friday deals.