Black Friday Cricket Bat Deals 2022

Looking to purchase a cricket bat? You can save some bucks on your purchase via Cricket bat black friday deals, which are available for a limited time.


Cricket Bat Black Friday Deals 2022

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Gunn & Moore GM Diamond Signature English Willow Cricket BatCheck Price
Adidas Cricket XT 4.0 Kashmir Willow Cricket batCheck Price

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Factors to Consider Before Buying a Cricket Bat

Buying a sports bat or any related equipment can be a daunting task. The reason is, that you have to check a lot of factors before considering a final model. This process can be more elaborate and even harder when it comes to choosing the right cricket bat. Cricket bats have a large number of elements to consider like weight, height, design, shape, and a lot more. Let us go through some of the guidelines to purchase a cricket bat.

The willow of the bat

Willow is the wooden part that makes up the entire bat. The strength, durability, and power of the bat depend on the type of willow you choose. Usually, there are two types of willows namely, the English willow and the Kashmir willow. 

English willow is used by many cricket players. It is a known fact that English willow provides a sweet spot texture and is known to be lighter. However, these bats can be damaged over time due to repeated ball hitting.

Kashmir willows are lower in price than English willows. These willows are quite tough to play with because of their inconsistency. But adding in some extra grip to the handle like rubber or carbon fiber can ease this experience.

Apart from this, there are different grades of quality marked for each willow. Grade 1 willows are known to have top-notch quality. 

Grips and blades in a cricket bat

The handle of a cricket bat can have a variety of grips made up of many different materials. Some common grips are Octopus grip, Criss Cross grip, Dynamic grip, Chevron grip, and so on. 

The blades are the surface area used to hit the ball and come in two types: Flat face and round face.

Size of the cricket bat

Varying from player to player based on their height and age, will also depend on the player’s personal comfort.

Cricket Bat Black Friday

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Cricket Bat & Their Answers

What are the factors that must be given importance, when buying a cricket bat?

Apart from willows, grip and the blade of a cricket bat, the factors like edge and toe of the bat, the weight of the bit corresponding to its size, the spine of the bat, and even the type of polished surface of the bat must be given utmost importance.

What are the price ranges in which a cricket bat can be bought under budget?

Cricket bats are one of the priciest investments you can make. Although some of the bats start at $50 in range, some high-end bats can even go more than $500. So, choose the bat that best suits your needs and requirements to cut the cost.

Are there cricket bats designed for beginners?

Yes. Of course, there are many cricket bats available in the market for beginners. Just ask the store specifically for beginners and they will show you numerous choices. Not only this, but there are also other types of bats too for kids, juniors, seniors, and professional players.

Will there be any free accessories along with the bat?

If you purchase a cricket bat during any offering period, you may get any free items, but usually, the other related accessories come as a complete cricket kit.

We hope the cricket bat black friday sale offers & buying guide will help you choose the right equipment at a discounted price. In case you need any help, you can contact us without any hesitation.