Black Friday BMW Deals 2022

The term BMW is associated with several phrases such as automated driving, electro-mobility, connectivity, and exceptional driving performance. BMW is a German company and is a multi-national manufacturer of luxury vehicles and motorcycles. The brand is headquartered in Munich, Germany. BMW is the world’s 14th largest manufacturer of motor vehicles and holds a significant history in the automobile industry. So, you must check out the best BMW black friday deals.


BMW Black Friday Deals

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Why are BMW cars so special?

  • People love the brand for the driving feel it infuses into its cars
  • BMW is also a status symbol for many people and they consider it to be the ultimate driving machine.
  • What makes the brand so special is that it instills magic in even the small details of its cars
  • Behind the steering wheel, there are carefully wrought details and the hands feel so great on the steering wheel.
  • The BMW cars are aesthetically appealing, feature powerful engines, refined engineering, and are safe and reliable to drive as well.
  • The best feature of this BMW brand is that they still manufacture parts for its vehicles dating back to the 1940s, and thus finding a replacement part for them is always easy. 
BMW Black Friday Deals

The origin and the growth of the BMW brand

BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke meaning, a plane manufacturing company and it initially manufactured airplane engines. The BMW logo is a tribute to the brand’s roots in Bavaria, Germany, and its white and blue design represents the flag of Bavaria, where the company originated.

It started manufacturing automobiles after world war I, for in the Treaty of Versailles German companies were not allowed to manufacture warplanes or their engines. This forced the brand to adapt to the automobile industry.

BMW always served as a leader in innovation since its inception and it manufactured its first all-electric cars in the year 1972. BMW released its first road car in 1978, which is a mid-engine supercar, followed by the BMW M5 in 1984 and the BMW M3 in 1986.

The company bought the Rover Group in 1994 and also acquired the rights to the Rolls Royce brand in 1998. In the year 1995, it started mass production of its two-seat roadster and entered the SUV market in the year 1999. By 2010, it released vehicles with hybrid engines and it also manufactures electric cars and sports wagons.

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Why should you buy BMW cars?

BMW creates the right part that is exactly designed for the car it is creating and the brand is associated with exceptional craftsmanship that cannot be matched with other car manufacturers. Its parts are easily available and the BMW cars are easy to maintain as well.

BMW cars help enjoy a connected drive with GPS compatibility. Buyers can also customize the cars according to their taste and offers the drivers an amazing driving performance and a sleek look. So, do not miss out on the BMW black friday sale.