Black Friday Blackmagic Deals 2022

Blackmagic is indeed leading the creative video revolution and it has grown rapidly to become one of the world’s leading innovators and manufacturers of creative video technology. The brand is yet very simple and refreshing and helps with true creativity.

The design founders of Blackmagic hold a long history with expert post-production capabilities and in design engineering. The brand has great and extensive experience in high-end telecine, filming, and video posting, and the brand is harnessed with a passion for perfection and is all set to change the industry forever. So, check out the Blackmagic black friday deals.


Blackmagic Black Friday Deals

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Why should we choose Blackmagic products?

Blackmagic is a brand that is dedicated to exceptional stability and quality and the brand focuses on creating what is needed the most. The brand has created some of the best and the most talked about products in the industry and it is known for its unbeatable codecs. The brand has envisioned completely affordable and very high-quality editing workstations that are generally built upon the Black magic software and hardware. 

It offers everything it takes for creative editors and system designers to help them create a high-quality video using the best tools. Blackmagic has launched the DeckLink capture card, which helps them in making true 10-bit uncompressed videos on the Macintosh OS X system.

This Decklink card has indeed become a market-leading product and is based on the Blackmagic Design philosophy of delivering the best for creative editors and designers. The Blackmagic Design is dedicated to allowing the highest quality video so that they are affordable to everyone.

Blackmagic Black Friday Deals
Image: Blackmagic

The history and the growth of the Blackmagic Brand

Blackmagic Design Pvt Ltd is a leading Australian digital cinema company and manufacturer and it is based in Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The brand designs and manufactures the best and the highest cinema and broadcast hardware and manufacturers notably high-end digital movie cameras. The brand also develops high-quality video editing software such as the Blackmagic Fusion applications and the DaVinci Resolve.

The company was originally founded in the year 2001 by Grand Petty and they also produced their first product in the year 2022, which is a high capture card for MacOS called DeckLink, which was the first to offer an uncompromised 10-bit video. The company later released many newer versions of the product and added a lot of color correction capabilities, along with expert support for MS Windows and complete support for Microsoft DirectShow and Adobe Premier Pro. So, do not miss out on the Blackmagic black friday 2022 sale.

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