BackupBuddy Black Friday Discount 2022 Deal

BackupBuddy is a WordPress Plugin that helps you make a backup of your blog with just a few clicks without facing any technical glitches. It removes the pain of downloading all the files manually and database when you want to shift your web hosting or want to take a backup of your important files. With BackupBuddy, you can easily take a backup of all media files as well as Databases from your WordPress dashboard panel.

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So, it’s a big tool for all the bloggers working on WordPress. But many of you haven’t able to purchase it due to less budget, which means, your blog content will be in danger if you face any problem with your hosting account or while shifting to some other host.

But wait, we have a deal for you, it is BackupBuddy Black Friday Deal, where you will not need to pay the normal price to buy this Plugin as you can get huge off using BackupBuddy Black Friday Discount 2022.

So, What you are waiting for? It’s time for you to act quickly and grab the deal by activating an offer from the activation link given in the below paragraph.


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 About BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy is a plugin from iThemes helping bloggers for years now. It is a paid tool made to help you back up your blog, which you need to purchase for just $45 in order to use it.

But with this BackupBuddy Black Friday Discount, you will not need to pay that much money as you can get up to 50% OFF, depending on, when you buy this plugin as it will only stay active for a few hours.

BackupBuddy Black Friday Deal

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How to Install and Use BackupBuddy?

1. Well, it’s an easy task with this tool as you just need to purchase BackupBuddy and then install the file from your WordPress Plugin Uploader in the dashboard.

2. After Installation, enter your license in the Manage License option to activate automatic product updates.

Note:- You need to connect your iThemes account in order to enter a license.

3. Once the BackupBuddy is successfully installed, open it from the left of your WP dashboard.

4. There, you will have the option “Backups”, click on it and create backups of your site. You can use a full backup to collect everything once or can take a backup of files or Database one by one.

5. After taking a backup of your blog, make sure you download it on your computer or store it on cloud storage.

6. Once done, your content is safe, whenever you need to create a similar site again, just upload the plugin on your new blog and upload the backup files and you will have the set of files and database.

Isn’t it a super tool? Yeah! It is.

So, go for this BackupBuddy Black Friday Discount 2022 Deal as it expires soon.