Black Friday Aquazzura Deals 2022

The Aquazzura footwear collections instill a modern and alluring elegance in women and it has been an iconic footwear brand since the year 2011. The footwear collections combine expert craftsmanship and luxury with an innovative design, vibrant color palettes, and sophisticated embellishments. So, check out the Aquazzura black friday deals.


Aquazzura Black Friday Deals

Aquazzura Starburst Pump 105Check Price
Aquazzura Tequila Plexi Mule 75Check Price
Aquazzura Joy Sandal 85Check Price
Aquazzura So Nude Plexi Sandal 105Check Price
Aquazzura Twist Sandal 95Check Price
Aquazzura Babe Sandal 105Check Price
Aquazzura Starburst Pump 105Check Price

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Why is Aquazzura footwear very special?

  • All of the distinctive designs of the designer Edgardo Osorio have been brought to life at the Tuscan shoemaking workshops.
  • The master craftsman works on the shoes using traditional techniques and selecting very high-quality materials.
  • Every single shoe is crafted on a small work of art with great love and passion and with a great focus on the details.
  • The signature styles of the brand, such as ‘Wild thing 105, Powderpuff, bow tie pump styles, etc, are extremely iconic and offer a completely new definition of luxury footwear.
Aquazzura Black Friday Deals

The history and the origin of the brand

Edgardo Osoria is the founder and the creative director of the Brand. He graduated from the London College of fashion and he started his journey by working in many fashion houses. He launched the brand in 2011 that stands as proof of its flair and clarity in vision to create shoes that are beautiful and are extremely comfortable as well. 

The collections from the brand soon attained international recognition. The store offers high heel pumps, sophisticated glass with chic details, etc. His signature styles are certified to be must-have shoes by the fashion press and top influencers all over the world.

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Why should you buy Aquazzura footwear?

From the time of conceptualizing the idea to making the shoe in reality, the Aquazzura shoes can take up to 6 months to craft. Each of the steps requires specific expertise. The new styles are perfected with millimetric precision to achieve maximum lightness and a balanced fit. The shoes are comfortable to wear, have a cushioned padding, and escalate the style statement of the women to many folds. 

So, do not miss out on the Aquazzura Black friday sale.

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